photo of Sarah

Hi, I'm Sarah, a UX Designer with a background in Marketing.

Currently, I am a Senior Product Design and Web Developer at Guusto β€” wearing two hats keeps my head warm :)

photo of Sarah

Knowing what it’s like to be pulled in all sorts of directions being immersed in both design and business, I seek to create thoughtful experiences that harmonize people, business, and the greater social good. Passionate in exploring visual design, finding discoveries from user research, and transforming these into delightful (sometimes coded) experiences, I still find my way back to the bigger picture and ask, how am I bringing value to users, how am I bringing improvements for businesses, and how am I making a meaningful impact? Solving complex puzzles is what motivates me in the morning!

I also

Puzzle Piece on Apple iOS 14.6solve more manageable (jigsaw) puzzles with my grandmother

Roller Skate on Apple iOS 14.6jam on 8 wheels

Woman Cook on Apple iOS 14.6aspire to be a bakeshop owner on the side

Bread on Apple iOS 14.6love bread

Always welcome a connect over Email or Linkedin!